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Truck Edition Diesel Performance Modules

Agricultural Tractor & Combine Performance Modules

Agricultural Tractor & Combine Performance Modules

Attn: Farmers

If you are looking to get more power or save fuel, check out Agricultural Diesel Solutions Performance Modules. Agricultural Diesel Solutions has a full line of agricultural modules for all of your tractors and combines, check out their Agriculture Application List. These tractor chips are designed to help you cover more acres per hour and use less fuel while doing it. Ag Diesel Solutions also offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products. With the ability to increase your tractor or combine’s horsepower output by up to 30% and at the same time save 10-20% in fuel savings, this makes Agricultural Diesel Solution modules the best on the market.
A testimony from a farmer last fall stated that his 9560R dyno tested an additional 90 PTO hp over Stock with the Ag Diesel Solutions performance module installed. He also added that the tractor went from using 30 gallons per hour of fuel to 26 gallons per hour and was able to increase two gears while doing tillage work. View available modules here: https://www.diesel-up.com/category/agricultural-modules

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So, who is Diesel-Up you ask. In all honesty, we're just a bunch of guys in Evansville, Indiana who like to tinker with diesel parts and perfect our diesel trucks. But even that's not enough. In addition to our 2011 2500HD Duramax, 2008 6.4L Ford Powerstroke and 2013.5 Dodge 6.7L Cummins trucks, we also like to play with bigger ones. Engines like Macks, Cummins, Detroits, Caterpillars, Mercedes and Internationals. But we don't stop there.

Here in southern Indiana we're surrounded by farm fields and it takes some mighty machines to produce and collect those bushels of corn and soybeans. Every now and then one of our farmer friends lets us borrow a Case-IH or John Deere to tinker with. That's why in addition to all the diesel engine parts we offer, we also provide a large selection of Performance Modules geared towards Agricultural Equipment. Plus, it's fun to have the short guy try to stay in the rim of one of these bad boys as we drive around the building.

Call us gear heads. Call us diesel engine fanatics. We love what we do and we use the products we sell. Check out our YouTube channel in the near future for instructional videos on installing various diesel truck parts, including: performance modules, cold air intakes, fuel injection parts, turbochargers, exhaust systems, and other truck parts.

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