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AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) - AD A4SPBC087

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AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) - AD A4SPBC087

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The AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) is an air and fuel separation system that is designed for use in your 1992 to 2002 model GM 6.5 liter fuel system. It utilizes technology that is top of the line and highly effective. This AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) is designed specifically for use in diesel pickups. The purpose of the system is, of course, is to separate and remove water, particulates, entrained air and vapor from the diesel fuel in your GM truck. With the AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) system you get a lift pump and a filter system is a commercial duty system and is designed so that the fuel delivery process to your engine is enhanced and improved.


What Happens Without the AirDog System

When you have a high performance diesel engine, it demands higher fuel flows than the average engines. The problem with that is that higher fuel flows are also going to increase the vacuum effect that occurs at the fuel pump in your system and will add extra agitation in the fuel tank itself. All of this combined can lead to extra vapor and air in your GM truck's fuel system and can reduce efficiency and power in your engine. The injection barrel and plunger assembly could also suffer pitting and galling as a result of this extra vapor and air. The AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) gets rid of that air in your fuel that causes performance problems and can cause permanent damage to your all-important fuel injectors.


How It Works

The AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) pulls fuel from your GM fuel tank that has vapor and entrained air in it as well contaminates and moisture (i.e. water). The fuel is pulled into a water separator to remove all traces of water and the larger of the particulate contaminates. Once that water is removed, the fuel continues on through the system, but it still contairs air, vapor, and small contaminates. This is when it enters the fuel pump. Positive pressur flow pulls the fuel through the fuel filter removing the particulates and separating the fuel from the air and vapor. Finally, ths allows the clean fuel to pass through to the engine for use. The AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) kit comes with the wiring harness, mounting bracket, hardware, plumbing, and installation components.



  • Removes Water, Air & Particulates from Fuel
  • 150 GPH at 8PSI
  • Improved Engine Performance
  • Higher Torque & Horsepower
  • Better Response on Throttle
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Additional Information

Name AirDog FP-150 for 1992-2000 GM 6.5L (Preset @8psi) - AD A4SPBC087
Manufacturers AirDog
Type Lift Pumps
Make General Motors
Engines 6.5L
General Motor Models 2500 HD, 3500 HD

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